Good Turn Mime & Challenge

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Brownies learn about Good Turns and then challenge themselves to do a Good Turn(s) in the following week.
Can also be used for Pink Shirt Day activities - Random Acts of Kindness


Whiteboard & markers or large sheet of paper
Brownie books or paper, pens, felts


Discuss what a Good Turn is, can write ideas on the whiteboard or on large sheets of paper. Have a look at p12 Brownie Book and read the description of a good turn.

Leader calls out a possible good turn, Brownies mime it, leader chooses the best performer, This Brownie suggests the next good turn for the Brownies to mime and chooses next best performer. Continue as long as you want.

Brownies challenge themselves to do at least one good turn over the following week for someone, write their idea(s) in their Brownie books or on a sheet of paper. Discuss following week whether they carried out their good turns.


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