Sticks and Stones

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Cubs play in Sixes or Teams. Each team numbers their players.

A baton (stick) is placed inside a hoop in front of each team and a bean bag (stone) is placed inside a hoop behind each team.

The leader shouts a number and then shouts either Stick or Stone. The players with that number in each team run and pick up the Stick or the Stone, run to the other object either Stick or Stone and replace one with the other, run back and put the other one in the original hoop and then run back to their team or six.

The game can be made harder by shouting Stick and they have to pick the Stone up first, and vice versa. Alternatively, giving alternate teams a Stick in front of them and then a Stone in front of the next team, makes it harder.


Hoops, batons and bean bags.





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