Cubs camp preparation

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An evening to prepare cubs for camp, based on a number of "bases" and games


Base 1: 3 self inflating / flat roll mats
Base 2: 3 sleeping bags
Base 3: A top-opening duffle bag with everything you need for camp
Sleeping mat
Sleeping bag
Cub Necker
Warm blanket
Long pyjamas (it gets cold at night)
Spare warm hoodie/fleece for bed
Spare trainers
Spare torch batteries
Effective waterproof coat
Book or comic
Socks (4 pairs)
Toothpaste and toothbrush
Shower gel, flannel and small towel
Sun hat
Sun cream
2 carrier bags (for dirty clothes)


Cubs spend 10 minutes on each base, then switch
Base 1: Practice rolling up a sleeping mat / self inflating mat: each cubs is timed - keep a record of times.
Base 2: Practice stuffing a sleeping bag back into it's stuff sack - keep a record of times (and get older cubs to help younger)
Base 3: cubs work together to pack a sport holdall back up together (time the whole group, put one in charge of giving out jobs so they work together)

six points for fastest cubs / everyone in fastest group / extra point for fastest group leader


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