Shackleton Sees

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Game for #HSX2018 Antarctica Challenge Badge


Hall or field with four compass points marked


This game is a cross between Simon Says and Captain’s Coming

Four directions:
Nansen (North)
Erik the Red (East)
Scott (South)
Weber (West)

Penguin (waddle)
Snowstorm (spin around on the spot)
Albatross (Arms out like wings)
Husky (down on all fours, howl like a wolf)
2/3/4 in a tent (gather in groups)
Fiennes’ Fingers (wave fingers in the air after the explorer who lost fingers to frostbite!)
Skiing (crouch down like for downhill skiing and move invisible ski poles
Sleeping (lie on floor pretending to sleep)

Leader has to call out action- saying ‘Shackleton Sees a penguin’. If he doesn’t say ‘Shackleton Sees’, the action is invalid and anyone who follows it will be out.


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