Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

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Sing the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow song!


Words: -
When all the cows were sleeping
And the sun had gone to bed
Up jumped the scarecrow
And this is what he said

I'm a dingle, dangle scarecrow
With a great big floppy hat
I can shake my hands like this
And I can shake my feet like that

When all the hens were roosting
And the moon behind a cloud
Up jumped the scarecrow
And shouted very loud

Chorus (loud)

When dogs were in the kennels
And doves were in the loft
Up jumped the scarecrow
And whispered very soft

Chorus (quietly)
Chorus (loud)


Sing as part of a scarecrow themed meeting.

Beavers bob down for the first 2 lines of each verse so they can jump up to the words 'up jumped'.
For choruses - shake hands and legs on lines 3 and 4.



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