Painting Pebbles - Part 1 and 2

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Part 1 - Using paint/permanent markers the Beavers will create Scout Themed art on their pebbles which will help them remember badges, Scout Law, the Promise, etc…
Each Beaver should number the bottom of their pebble in this session if time and their pebble is dry.

Part 2 - Children go out to local park to hide the pebbles


• 20 large flat pebbles
• thick water-based paint (acrylic) for each colony
• paintbrushes and sponges
• water, old plastic containers
• mixer trays old plastic tops etc.
• some magic markers
• some newspapers/tablecloths to keep your work area clean
• old towels


Part 1
What You Do:
1. Clean all the dirt off of your pebbles and let them dry.
2. Decide what you are going to create – remember it’s Scout themed, so it could be a badge, a beaver, the Scout uniform, etc…
3. You might want to start by drawing your design on paper first or on the pebble in pencil.
4. Begin painting your pebble with the designs and colours of your choice. If you like, you can draw your design using magic markers instead of paint.
5. When you are all finished decorating and the paint is completely dry, it’s time to seal the rock. But first make sure you have put the number on the bottom of the pebble.
6. Use the varnish or ask your group leader to varnish your pebble for you.
7. You are finished, OK

Part 2
3-4 children per Scout Leader – Divide lodges if necessary.
Children should hold hands while walking and we must make sure that they walk with their guide leader. No running off, when stopping to hide pebbles, each lodge and their group leader must stay together. No running.
Each lodge come one at a time to check the number of their pebble matches the list from Part 1. Each scout leader to take a picture of the rock next to the child that painted it. Show other members of the lodge how to take a photo on their mobile.
Walk and hide the pebbles along the way. Group leaders to take photos of the rock in it’s hiding place. Show the children how to mark the place hidden on the map.
All lodges and leaders to walk back at the same time.

Song singing on the way back – Ging Gang Goolie



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