17 Taskmaster Challenges

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These games can be done individually or as a team;

1) Eating Challenge
Eat as much watermelon as possible in 90 seconds.

2) Find Me Challenge
You need to locate the missing person as quickly as possible.

3) Balloon Challenge
Blow up the biggest balloon in a minute, whilst blindfolded.

4) Crack The Code Challenge
Crack the code on the box and unshackle the padlock using the puzzle and coded message.

5) Teabag Challenge
Throw a teabag into a mug from the furthest distance.

6) Egg Challenge
Get an egg as high as possible without breaking it.

7) Tear Challenge
Fill an eggcup with as many tears as possible.

8) Secret Challenge
Score as many points as you can – (Don’t tell the children the secret or hint of how to gain points) A word ‘What’ for example is how they score points. Points can be taken away for aggressive behaviour.

9) Heavy Weight Challenge
Move a heavy object as far away as possible in 2 minutes.

10) Bridge Over Troubled Water Challenge
Using the materials on the tables you must construct the highest bridge over the river that will support the weight of a potato.

11) Tallest Tower Challenge
Construct the tallest tower using only spaghetti pasta and marshmallows.

12) Sticky Note Challenge
Cover your body with as many sticky notes as possible whilst blindfolded.

13) Bucket To Bucket Challenge
Transfer water between two buckets without moving the buckets. Resources are provided. The buckets need to be a distance apart.

14) Donut Challenge
Eat as many donuts as possible whilst hanging on a string. You can only use your mouth.

15) Spot The Difference Challenge
Blindfold each team member and ask them to blow up a balloon. Create a scene beforehand and change it afterwards. Ask them to spot the difference without telling them that was the initial task.

16) It’s A Knockout Challenge
Quickest to knock down the rows of equipment at different heights behind the line. Time starts when you knock down the first item.

17) Juice A Fruit Challenge
Juice either a grape, banana, lime, coconut or pineapple using either a shoe, tweezers, toothbrush or hammer. If someone picks the same fruit you’re blindfolded. If someone chooses the same tool you can only use one hand. If somebody has both you’ll have to jump up and down as well. Squeeze as much juice as possible into the container in the allocated time.


1) Watermelons.
2) None.
3) Balloon and blindfolds.
4) Code cracker equipment, box and a padlock.
5) Teabags and cones. (They can use any other equipment they find to help them)
6) Eggs. (They can use any other equipment they find to help them)
7) Eggcups. (They can use any other equipment they find to help them cry!)
8) Lots of different and confusing objects that have no point to the challenge.
9) Heavy object.
10) Potato, paper, straws, elastic bands, cotton buds, chewing gum, pasta spaghetti and a table with a river.
11) Spaghetti pasta and marshmallows.
12) Sticky note pads and blindfolds.
13) Buckets, water, hose, tarp, colander, ball, towel and a tray.
14) Donuts and string.
15) Balloon, blindfold, equipment to change for a spot the difference scenery.
16) Different equipment placed at different heights.
17) Container, blindfolds, grape, banana, lime, coconut, pineapple, shoe, tweezers, toothbrush and hammer.




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