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Song in Te Reo about a Big Whale - and a version about a large pig

Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Words and tune to the song


Key of C : Tune of Making Whoopee!
Tune available here

Tohora nui,
tohora roa
Tohora tino mōmona
Tohora whiuwhiua,
Tohora piupiua
E kau ana te moana

Big whale,
long whale
very fat whale
fling (your tail) whale
wave (your tail) whale
swimming in the ocean

Poaka nui
Poaka toa
Poaka tino mōmona
Poaka kunekune
Poaka whiore koro
Poaka hongihongi i te paru e!

Big pig,
Brave pig,
Very fat pig
A Captain Cooker
with a curly tail
Snorting around in the mud


  • Maoritanga
  • Te Reo
  • Waiata

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