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Learn different ways of saying hello and goodbye in Maori.

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Greetings posters
Greeting Spinner


Learn different ways of saying hello and goodbye in Maori
Tēnā koe - hello to one
Tena korua - hello to two
Tena kotou - hello to more than two
Kia ora - informal greeting
ka kite - informal farewell
e noho ra - farewell to person staying
haere ra - farewell to someone leaving

Practice these by
*Role playing greeting and farewelling in groups
*Get 1-3 girls to stand in front of the group. Get the group to decide how to greet the girls and then farewell them.
*Making a greeting spinner
*Place greetings posters around the room
*Girls move around the room, leader calls out a number, girls make groups of that size and each greet the group using the correct phrase.


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