Father's Day Chalkboard Photo card

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Each Beaver to make a card for their Dad/Grandad/Mum or other adult who cares for them.
The card has a photo of them on the front holding a chalk board which says 'Dad I love you because...' (or Mum/Grandad etc.)


Camera/phone, chalkboard and chalk, board rubber/cloth, card, pens.


Need to take the photos the week before you want to do this!
Take Beavers one at a time to write why they love Dad on the board then take their photo holding the board.
Print off during the week.
On the day they simply stick the photo to the front of a piece of folded A4 and write a message inside.
For children who were away on week 1 - 2 options. If you've a portable photo printer you can do everything in 1 week for a few - probably couldn't do this for everyone. Other option is for these Beavers to draw themselves holding a board and write their message on the drawing.


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