Barrels Game

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Scouts hold hands in a large circle around 2-3 plastic barrels stacked in the centre of the room
Scouts must try & pull & push other scouts to make the barrels fall over,
The aim is for you not to make the barrels fall over

If Scouts lose there hand grip or make the barrels fall they are out
Game finishes with only 2 scouts left


2-3 Plastic Barrels /containers


2-3 Plastic Barrels /containers are placed in the centre of the room, Scouts form a large circle around the Barrels & hold hands
When the circle is complete with everyone holding hands the game starts
Scouts try & pull other scouts into the barrels which knocks them over.
The aim of the game is to avoid knocking the barrels over
When a scout knocks the barrels over or loses his hand hold of another scout then those scouts are marked out of the game,
The game finishes when there is only 2 scouts left
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