Introduction to Tour de France

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Tell the Beavers a little about the Tour de France, the jumpers worn and also mention Tour de Yorkshire.
Then play 'jersey corners'.


Pictures of jumpers.


Information: -
The Tour de France is a cycle race lasting 3 weeks.
Each day has a start and finish point and there are 2 rest days.
In 2018 the race is mostly in France. Many years it is in other countries too.
In 2014 part of it was in England and started in Leeds. After that, we started having the Tour de Yorkshire which is a cycle race just in Yorkshire and lasts 4 days.
In the Tour de France there are special jumpers which are won each day.
The yellow jersey - the fastest cyclist so far on all the days completed. (Times for each day added up.)
The green jersey - best sprinter (fastest on the flat bits where you can really go fast!).
White jersey - best rider under age 26.
Polka dot jersey - best climber (lots of the Tour de France is up mountains).

Corners game: -
Have pictures of each jersey in 4 corners of the room.
Beavers choose a corner.
A leader with their back turned calls out a jumper colour and what it is e.g. yellow - fastest cyclist.
All Beavers at that corner sit to one side.
Continue until 1 or 2 winners left.
Repeat a few times.


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