Good and bad foods game

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Leader to bring shopping bag full of good and bad foods - keep contents hidden from the beavers.
Foods to stay wrapped in their packaging just as you would keep them in your cupboard/fridge at home
ie: can of tuna; pack of biscuits; a cabbage; cereal box; chocolate bar; banana; block of cheese; a potato; anything else you think might be challenging.
One beaver chosen, puts necker on as a blindfold.
Dips hand in to bag, selects item and pulls it out so everyone can see it except him.
Tries to guess what it is by feeling.
Other Beavers are not allowed to tell him, but can shout out "healthy" or "unhealthy".
If the beaver is struggling to identify it, encourage beavers to think of other clues, such as colour, how it is usually eaten.
Once the item is identified, get beavers to say why it is unhealthy/healthy.


Big shopping bag
Blindfold for beaver (necker)
Lots of different foods, probably raided from the leaders cupboard at home!





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