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Dress girls up in fashion outfits, using recycled items.
See what I can Do activity 33 - make something out of recycled materials

Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


tin foil
ribbons, string


Using the recycled items, dress one girl from each group in a fashion outfit. Don't forget accessories such as hats, gloves, bags, shoes...
Hold a catwalk show, with commentaries to describe each look, and have the girls model the outfit.

This would be a great joint unit night with another section and a great way to link girls up.
Dress any girls linking in the outfits- they can walk along the catwalk from one section to the next.

Allow plenty of time for this activity, giving lots of opportunities for the older and younger girls to work together and some time for tidying up at the end - before the cat walk show.


  • fashion
  • Linking Event
  • Newspapers
  • recycled materials

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