Cooking - tuna salad boats

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A nice no-oven activity for cooking badge, makes a savoury dish for two and can be used to discuss healthy food
Beavers to gain experience of food preparation - so cucumber is left whole for them to cut up, cress can be in a tray for them to chop with scissors, and the pepper is partially cut through so they can finish the prep.
Talk to Beavers about handling knives and scissors safely.


A decent sized bell pepper - one for each Beaver - pre-cut the pepper most of the way through (from the bottom nearly to the top) so it stays together but would come apart in the right shape.
tinned tuna - drained
any other salad bits they might like, ie: grated carrot; cherry tomatoes; cress; cucumber chunks; small radishes; etc.
Chopping board and butter knives (ie: not too sharp but able to cut cucumbers)
Mixing bowl and spoon.
Paper bowl or plate for them to take home finished items.
Tub or bag for the veg waste.


Beavers to finish pulling the pepper apart and take all the seeds out by hand. Should be left with two halves of pepper which will form the boat.
in a bowl mix together the tuna and mayonnaise.
Put some in to each beavers boat.
The beavers can use the butter knives and chopping board to cut the cucumber in to chunks.
If the cress is growing in a little tub, they can chop it off with some child-safe scissors.
Beavers to fill up their boats with all the salad bits.



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