Spiders on Sticks

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Camp Craft/Backwards cooking; frankfurters; green sticks or toasting forks;


Fire; long Frankfurters; green sticks or toasting forks, knife


Think of the frankfurter in thirds lengthwise. Keeping the sausage whole make four cuts into the sausage at each end (four legs either side of the body) leaving the middle third intact (this is the spiders body). Place body on a stick and cook on the fire. The legs will curl up. Then eat be careful it might be hot.

See download for cuts if unsure.

Variation - an octopus, in this case slice into the bottom half of the sausage making the tentacles leaving the top part intact and place on a stick to cook. This is a bit more tricky trying to get eight legs but it can be done by slicing horizontally along the four pieces already done.


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