Beaver promise game

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Beavers to learn about the promise and how things that they do relate to the 4 different parts of the promise.


Space to run around.
4 posters, each with one element of the promise on.
(This can also be linked to the kindness challenge chart which the Beavers can work on for a few weeks prior to this game.)


Put the posters up in each corner of the room.
Make sure the Beavers know where each poster is and what it says.
One Beaver at a time, or a group of Beavers together, tells the other Beavers something they have done to keep their promise.
ie: I tidied my bedroom; I read a book to my Gran; I worked hard for my spelling test; I went to Sunday School; I planted a seed; or any others they can think of. Leaders can help with ideas.
The other Beavers all listen and run to whichever corner they think the action relates to.
The beavers may make some surprising choices, and are encouraged to say why they have chosen that corner.
No right or wrong answers, as any nice action/decision can relate to all elements if you use your imagination!



Badge Links

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