Our Five Senses

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Cubs will use their five senses to identify a range of items/foods/sounds/smells. Includes resources and links.


Sight - 8-10 mystery pictures of enlarged part of an object
Sound - 8-10 mystery sounds eg bus, washing machine, microwave, fire, fire siren etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE91upfnnPM
Touch - mystery box containing 8-10 objects eg nail file, tent peg, fluffy purse, eraser, whiteboard marker, golf ball, hair clip, mandarin, squishy toy, potato
Smell - 8-10 jars wrapped in plain paper containing scented/smelly items eg coffee, candle, soap, hay, olive oil, orange, fish. Label with numbers.
Taste - 8-10 containers of pureed food, wrapped in plain paper eg banana, onion, rice, broccoli, chocolate brownie, pear, Label with numbers. Also tasting spoons/icecream sticks. Can use food colouring to disguise food.


Set up activity stations with a leader or parent at each one. Cubs work in their Sixes to complete activities.
Sight - Six is given a series of pictures. They have five minutes to identify what each object is and record answer.
Sound - Six will listen to a series of sounds. They hear them three times to identify what they are.
Touch - items are in a cardboard box with holes cut in sides, draped with fabric or newspaper. All Cubs in Six can put a hand in at same time to try to discover and identify items. Record answers.
Smell - Leader allows all Cubs to sniff each jar. covered jars. Six must jointly decide what the smell is and record answer.
Taste - Blindfold Cubs. Leader gives each Cub a taste from each jar. (drop food onto cub's spoon) Six must jointly decide what the food is and record answer.

Optional Activities
Sound (pitch) - have a sound which goes up in pitch. Cubs and adults to sit down when they can no longer hear it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZHWY1KBHwc
Sound (recognition) - blindfold a Cub. Ask them to identify other Cubs by the sound of their voices alone.
Sound (directional) - blindfold a volunteer Cub. Other Cubs to spread out around the den. As a Cub speaks, volunteer must point to where they are. 'Shoot' targets. If accurate, 'shot' Cub sits down.
Sight - enlarge photos of Cubs so only eyes are showing. Challenge Cubs to identify pictures.
Touch - blindfold a Cub. Ask them to identify a fellow Cub by touching head and face only. NB - must be done with careful regard to personal boundaries.
Taste - have a series of foods - (sweet - sugar/sour - lemon/salty - salt/bitter/umami - marmite). Ask cubs to try these on different parts of their tongues and see if there is a difference in the strength of the flavour.


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