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UK Parliament Week takes place from 12-18 November, and is a great time to talk to your young people about debating and voting on important global issues.


Paper and pens, and a ballot cards for each young person (attached)


1. Explain to the group that UK Parliament Week is an annual festival that engages people with Parliament and empowers them to get involved. Organisations across the UK run events and activities that explore what the UK Parliament means to them and their community.

2. Next, split your young people up into small groups. Tell them there is £1m available that needs to be spent on a global issue. They are the ones with power to decide which one.

3. Give each group the ‘17 Global Goals’ (find them here: The UK has committed to delivering these goals, along with 193 other countries. They should discuss what they think the goals mean and how different goals could affect countries/people differently.

4. Each group should pick the goal that they think should be given the £1m of funding. Run a short debate, allowing each group to explain why their chosen goal should receive the money.

5. Explain what a secret ballot is and why it is used in elections, before handing out the ballot cards.

6, Allow each young person to have one vote using their ballot card. They should do this away from other people and they should not put anything on the card that might identify them, such as their name, so that they remain anonymous.

7. Count the ballots and share the results. Discuss as a group that we have the right to vote in the UK if we are over 18 and that in some countries this isn’t the case.

Take it further
Now you have the results to the democratic vote, think about what your group can do to take action on that issue.


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  • sustainable goals
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