Sardines (With or Without Torches)

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Hide and Seek but different. One person hides and the rest count with their eyes shut, then they all go around trying to find the hider and hide in the same place as them. When the last person finds the group hiding they are the new hider.


Outdoor space
Torch (recommended for young ones)
Suitable clothing and footwear


One child is chosen to be the “Sardine” and then goes to hide.
The rest of the children close their eyes and count to 100 (or) 50. Then they all go and look for the “Sardine”.
As each player finds the “Sardine”, they must squeeze into the same hiding place.
Finally, everyone is there – squeezed in like a bunch of sardines.
The person who found the sardine first, becomes the next “Sardine.”
Hints and Tips:
Don’t forget to remind the children before they start to keep as quiet as possible while they are hiding.
If playing in the night time, give each child a torch which they can use to search for the “Sardine”.
When playing with a large group of children, split them up into pairs or teams.


  • Hide and seek

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