Simple bird feeder

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Make a simple bird feeder with a toilet roll, peanut butter and bird seed.


1 empty toilet paper roll per Kea
Peanut butter
Bird seed
Spoon or knife or popsicle stick


1. Name or colour the inside of the toilet roll (Kea identification purposes)
2. Give each Kea a toilet roll.
3. Take a spoon or knife or popsicle stick.
4. Spread a thick layer of peanut butter all over the toilet paper roll.
5. Pour the bird seed on to a tray.
6. Take the toilet paper roll with the peanut butter.
7. Using a little pressure, roll it in the tray of bird seed.
8. Re-roll if necessary
8. Take it home and slide onto a branch.


  • peanut butter
  • Simple, bird, seed, toilet roll, spoon, knife, popsicle stick, tray

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