Caterpillar Drink

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Cubs work together in a team to make a drink.


4 Sturdy chairs
2 sticks to mark start and finish
2 hoola hoops
1 Tray of cups
1 Filled water carrier
1 Bottle of dilute


Set up a 10m stretch outside on the level grassed ground.
Mark the starting point with a stick on the ground. Give the cubs 4 sturdy chairs to use to help them navigate across the 10m and back again.
1. Once across the line, if cubs step onto grass, they loose a point.
2. Place 2 hoola hoops on the ground evenly between start and finish - these act as islands.
3. In the first island place a tray of cups.
4. In the second island place a filled water carrier.
5. At the end marker, place a bottle of dilute.
6. The cubs need to use the chairs to get to the cups and take one each to the end post.
7. At the end post the leader puts the dilute in the cups.
8. The cubs then using the chairs to climb to the next island and fill their drinks with water and drink if they want to.
9. The cubs work together in a team to get back to the beginning with their cup.


  • Water obstacle

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