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Orangefest (Battle of the Boyne)
Make orange woggles (orange wool),
Drums rigid shells needed large tins e.g. paint/ coffee tins, section of water pipe
Paper whistles.
Colouring flags of the UK.
Marching and campfire (par-cooked potatoes)


orange wool
rigid containers, sections of plastic water pipe, parcel tape.
good quality paper or card, elastic bands, scissors. Alternatively straws, strips of card, scissors and selotape.
colouring sheet of the union jack,3 x as many tracing paper sheets to cover union jack, staples.
potatoes and toppings


Inform about Northern Ireland and the UK - brief mention of the Battle of the Boyne and orangefest being a celebration of Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland was the first country to have Beavers in 1966. Three stages for Beavers in Ireland. 'Bree' (Year 1) 'Ruairc' (Year 2) and 'Conn'

Crafts while potatoes cook on a campfire - A carousel of 10 minutes each:

Orange woggles made by winding orange wool around their woggles and fastening with a reef knot.

Make a union jack by combining a traced flag for each of the patron saints of England - St George, Northern Ireland - St Patrick, and Scotland - St Andrew, some discussion of the welsh flag which is not St David's flag. Combine by laying traced flags on top of each other. to produce a union jack which can be stapled.

Drums - pipe section or rigid shell, use parcel tape to make the skin of the drum. Compare the sound from different diameters of drum. Can be decorated with stickers etc.

Whistles out of paper and elastic bands. Roll up a sheet of paper use 2 x elastic bands to hold roll in place. Pinch at one end to cut out a small hole. Use a pencil tip to separate paper around hole to produce a high pitched whistle sound. Very fiddly adult assistance required. Alternatively pan pipes could be made by cutting lengths of straws and selotaping to a strip of card.

Then Drum echoes around the campfire whilst Beavers put toppings on their potatoes ( a traditional food from Ireland) to eat.



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