Communicator Wide Game

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This game was created for Beavers, to complete most of the communicator badge. It involves each lodge looking for 4 envelopes with codes in to break.
Breaking the code will result in a challenge, which when completed gives them one number for a padlock code.
They should collect the whole code and then unlock the booty chest.
It could easily be adapted for other sections, with harder messages.

We hid the enveolpes in the woods, but you could put them anywhere.

Challenge 1: Decode morse code message & text your name in morse to the supplied number.
Challenge 2: Decode the braille message and then write your name in braille
Challenge 3: Decode the picture message and then phone the supplied number and tell them your name in the phonetic alphabet
Challenge 4: Decode the picture message and then finger spell your name.


1) 4 envelopes for each lodge with the challenge sheet in, and some blank paper for notes (we used coloured envelopes).
2) At least 1 copy of the code breaker manual (info sheet) for each lodge
3) A mobile phone for each lodge to use.
4) A willing person with a mobile to receive calls and text messages (their number must go in envelopes 1 & 3)
5) A lockable container with a 4 digit combination lock for each lodge. The combination should be printed up and then presented a digit at a time to the lodge when the challenge is done.
6) Sweets in the container.
7) Clipboard per lodge (min)
8) Pencil per beaver.


1) Print everything and prepare the envelopes. Don't forget to put the mobile numbers in the right ones.
2) Put the sweets in the container and lock the padlocks (make sure you give the right code digits to the right lodge!)
2) Hide the envelopes.
3) Read instructions to Beavers (recommend having one adult per group to help with the decoding/reading).

If you want to modify the messages the picture codes are just winding/webdings. But for the Braille and Morse ones you will need to download special font.


  • braille
  • code breaker
  • code breaking
  • communicator badge
  • finger spelling
  • morse code
  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • Team challenge
  • teamwork activity
  • teamwork challenge
  • teamwork skills problem solving
  • wide game

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