Water Volley Ball

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Water Volley ball using a water balloon played with two teams.


Filled Water Balloons
Two Sheets (big enough to accommodate team players hold edges)
Net or rope to get water balloon over
Referee/point counter


Erect volley ball/badminton net or rope at a certain height. Each team has a sheet to throw/catch the water balloon. Team must catch a filled water balloon on a sheet held by the team (think parachute game). The water balloon must be thrown from the sheet (team must work together to get the water balloon over the net). The other team must catch the balloon and then throw it back. If balloon bursts or isn't caught then a point goes to the team that threw the water balloon. If the balloon hits the net/goes under the net then point goes to the catching team. Either play to a first to say 10points or timed 5 minutes or until the water balloons run out.


  • Outside
  • team game
  • Volley ball
  • water

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