Water Carrying Game

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The Teams need to carry the carrier to area and collect water (this can be either one bucket of water or several cups of water per team). Then transport the water back or over an obstacle course without spilling the water. Team with the least amount split wins.


At least two water carriers (one for each four man team) (made from 1m Circular ply drill 8 holes around the edge to accommodate rope handles). Thread rope through holes and knot (four handles are required (Length of rope is discretionary for height of handle). Could be one length of rope or four individual pieces. This can be adapted say to an hexagonal shape with six handles. Lengths of rope could be varied to make game much harder or to accommodate different heights.


See brief description. Download is to show approx. drill holes on ply. Thread rope through holes and knot.


  • Carrier
  • team
  • water

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