Physical Recreation/Olympics theme

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Olympics themed games stations.


Cricket ball (if outside) or tennis ball (if inside)
Drinking straws and basket/bucket
Pair of tights and a tennis ball (only really for outside)
Measuring tape
Plastic cups , bowls, water
Wellington Boots


> Use the cricket ball or tennis ball as a 'shot-put'. Measure the distance each Scout can throw, starting with the ball at their ear level, and 'push' the ball forward only, (no throwing!) from a standing position. OR if inside: Beaver Putt... Exactly the same as the shot putt but using a cuddly toy instead.
> Mark a line on the ground for each Scout to stand behind, and 'javelin' the drinking straws into a bucket. The team with the most collected straws wins!
> Put a tennis ball into the foot part of one leg of a pair of tights, and tie a knot to hold the ball in place. Use as a hammer throw, measure the distance thrown.
> Welly wanging... Sit down feet in front of you holding a Welly Boot in both hands, see how far over your head you can throw it.
> Water assault... timed event to see how much water (in cups) teams can carry round an assault course and deposit in a bucket. Points for volume of water.


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