Hoop Hop Showdown

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Cubs hop through hoops. When they meet their foe, they start a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.


Hula Hoops or Skipping Ropes
Bean Bags


One Cub from each team goes at a time.

Cubs must jump into each hoop to move across the board.

Their goal is to make it to another teams cone in order to earn one of their tokens to take back to their team’s bucket.
As the Cub is jumping, they can come head to head with another Cub. These 2 Cubs then play Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS).

The winner of RPS gets to keep jumping, The Cub that loses then steps out of the hoop and runs back to their team.
As soon as a Cub steps out of a hoop (off the playing board) the next Cub on their team can begin.

The same happens if a Cub makes it to another teams cone; that Cub steps out of the hoop (which allows their next teammate to begin) they then can get a beanbag and run it back to their team’s bucket.

You can keep playing as long as you like.
My Cubs loved it and were exhausted after about 20 minutes.

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