Junk Food Jim

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Game based on What's the time Mr Wolf to encourage children to think about healthy food choices




The Beavers/Cubs line up at one end of the hall. The leader stands at the other end of the hall with his/her back to the Beavers / Cubs.
- The beavers call out in unison "what can we eat, junk food Jim (or Jane)?"
- Jim replies by calling out the name of a food. If it is a healthy food, beavers take a step forward. For unhealthy food they must stay still. Any beavers who step forward for unhealthy food must go back to the start.
- If Jim calls out "Junk food", beavers must run back to the start. Jim will try and catch them. Any caught will join the leader and help him with catching on future rounds.


  • fitness Challenge
  • Healthy Eating

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