Photo scavenger hunt

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Kids to take photos of


1 Digital camera per group
Laptop or ipad to show photos


Give kids instructions not to leave designated area, take turns to take photos, use wrist strap on camera
Give sheet of paper with photos to take.

The whole team doing bunny hops
With someone wearing a uniform (someone not connected with own group)
Everyone in front of a red Honda Accord
In front of any landmark
With a duck
Everyone wearing traffic cones on their head
Something up close and unusual – everyone else has to guess what it is
An object beginning with each of the following letters – C U B S C O U T – all on one photo (2 different things for C)
A cloud in the sky that looks like something else
The whole team on a single square of the chess board
The whole team eating
The whole team in pyjamas
The team in a human pyramid with at least 7 people in it
1 member of the team totally ‘mummified’ in toilet paper – no parts showing – NO MESS TO BE LEFT AT THE END OF THIS ONE – THROW EVERYTHING AWAY AFTERWARDS!
1 team member holding all other team members off the ground
A place to play
The whole group under the same umbrella
Someone performing a magic trick in public
The whole team jumping in the air (all need to be off the floor)
The whole team picking up litter
With an animal (other than a duck)
In front of a certain type of tree –
In front of a house over 40 years old
Someone juggling
Spelling out the work “hi” with people
Everyone making a peace sign
With a different Scout group
With an old person (over 50 years old)
Looking like cowboys
Up a tree



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