Global Challenge - Troop Capsule

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Create a "Troop Capsule" to send to an overseas group and receive one in return.


Paper, photos, badge resources, postcards, other items representing members and section
International link with another group (try 1st Facebook Scout group for contacts or the International Link page on the Scout Association website)


Create a "Troop Capsule" which represents your group.

This could include:
Photos of Members (we agreed with our international link group that these would not have names attached, to see whether we could match the photo to letters or self-descriptions)
Postcards or photos of favourite local places
Photos of Scout activities
Badge swaps
Short videos/films made by the group
Letters or notes
Anything else which sums up your group, perhaps a group scarf or special woggle

This should be sent to your link group. A second meeting will be needed later in the term to discuss the contents of your link group's capsule.

Think about a third meeting in which international contact can occur - eg, Skype. You may need to seek additional parental permissions for this activity.


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