Activity Treasure Hunt / Wide Game

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Cubs are split into teams & have to find 36 cards per team with various items named on them. They have to decide which activity they belong to and post them in the correct box.


Cards for each team in different colours. 5 boxes to post them into.


Print off the cards in a different colour for each team. Split them into items - one for each colour team & put them in a plastic wallet and hide/place around the playing area so that you have 36 plastic wallets, each with a different item in.

Set up 5 shoe boxes or similar with a slot in the top somewhere in the playing area - each with a different activity on - eg. Knotting, Shooting Sports, Watersports, Outdoor Cooking & Parts of tent.

Send the teams off - they must collect their colour card from each plastic wallet & decide which activity it relates to. They must then post it in the box that they think it relates to.

To finish set up the actual items/go through the answer sheets in their groups for them to see and go through each box to see which team got the most answers correct.



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