Survival Skills Bases

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Indoor bases to prepare Scouts for the survival skills practical day to achieve the Survival Skills Activity Badge (bivi building/axe&knife)


sharp axes, sharp knives, wood, rope, tarp, flints, altars for fires, neckers for first aid, examples of water purification, rescue whistle


The scouts participate in various bases that teach the knowledge necessary for the scouts to successfully achieve the survival skills activity badge when attending the camp/skills day.

The bases run are:

* practical shelter designing/building - the scouts work as a patrol to use rope, tarp, 'ferns' and other materials to construct a shelter based on a standard shape (A frame, poncho etc.)
* practical fire lighting of a few different styles including lighting from flint using natural materials
* first aid including hypo/hyperthermia, dehydration, bleeding, breaks, burns, shock and the recovery position
* identifying edible plants and fruit, methods for purifying water, the actions to take in event of needing rescue and international distress signals
* How to use Axe and knife, safety



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