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A collection of camp fire games




Most of these were taken from - check it out for plenty of other games.


This game is wilarious (wicked, and hilarious)!

It's essentially like "hide the button"; one person in the middle of a circle, with everyone around them passing an object behind thier backs - the person in the middle of the circle has to guess the object's location.

The twist is - the object is a carrot - and when the person's not looking, you take a bite of the carrot - if the carrot is finished before the person finds it...everyone wins?

Also - if the person finds the carrot's location, they switch places with that person.

You could replace the carrot with any crunchy - bad tasting vegetable. A head of lettuce would be hilarious. Maybe a whole cauliflower. The options are endless...


Game where you can be eliminated by laughing or motioning improperly.

Everyone stands in a circle. You may not laugh. You must motion properly. The motion is having your hands flattened together and pointing either up above your head, or to another person, depending on what part of the game you are in.

One person begins by motioning up above his/her head and saying "huh." The two people on either side of him must then simultaneously motion to this person and say "huh." This person then must then motion to someone else in the circle and say "huh."

This begins the process over, and the new person must motion upward and say "huh" as the two on either side of him motion toward him and say "huh", and so on.

You are out if you laugh, or if you don't say "huh" or do not motion fast enough.

When two people are left, they must take turns pointing upward and at each other and must get faster and faster until one messes up. The last one standing is the winner.

Scissors is a neat trick to have in your bag for those down times when everyone is getting bored. Unfortunately, you can not do it more than once with the same group. If you do not have a pair of scissors, two sticks, two pencils or anything which can simulate open or closed scissors will do.

Have the group sit in a circle. While passing the scissors to the person on his/her right, the leader says "I receive the scissors (either open or closed) and I pass them (either open or closed)".

The person receiving repeats the statement while passing to the next person. The leader (and anyone else who has caught on to the trick) announces if each part of the statement is right or wrong. Continue until everyone can pass the scissors correctly.

The trick has nothing to do with the scissors. Open and closed refer to whether the person's legs or feet are crossed (closed) or uncrossed (open) when receiving and passing.

This activity usually generates some discussion about the importance of looking past the obvious and thinking creatively.


In a circle, everyone is called Harry. One person says to the person next to him "Hi Harry", who responds "Yes Harry", and the original person then says "Tell Harry" (as the person two people along is called Harry). If anyone goes wrong, hesitates for too long, they get a spot on their face (burnt cork works well) and become "One Spot" (two spot if they have 2 spots etc.). So if person A is Harry, person B has gone wrong once so is called One Spot, and person C has gone wrong 5 times and is called Five Spot (and they're all sitting in a line). Person A says "Hi One Spot", person B answers back "Yes Harry" and person A says "Tell Five Spot". Person B then says "Hi Five Spot", person C says "Yes One Spot" and person B says "Tell xxx" (where xxx is the name of person D).


In a circle, the initial game leader is called Matthew, and then clockwise round the circle are Mark, Luke and John, and then number 1, 2, 3 and so on (so a group of 10 would have M/M/L/J and 1-6).. The rhythm of the game is set by Matthew, wo slaps the table/his lap with both hands, claps, clicks his right hand-fingers, and then his left hand-fingers (in a steady rhythm). Once everyone has got the rhythm (which will no doubt speed up shortly), Matthew can start. On the left-click, he says his name, and on the right-click, he says another name/number. That person then responds on the left click by saying their name/number, and on the right-click, another name/number. If anyone goes wrong, they physically move to the right of the leader and become the lowest number (i.e. 6). Everyone else shuffles up and changes number/name. So if Mark went wrong, Luke would become Mark, John would become Luke, 3 would become 2 and so on, Mark becoming 6. Aim of the game is to be Matthew - there is no end of the game!


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