Home and Personal Safety

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The National Grid Home Safety resource pack, in the form of a poster, provides eight activities for Cub Scouts to complete. It includes a wordsearch, spot-the-error picture and some valuable home safety advice. the Serco Rail resource pack provides activities for Cubs to complete and gives advice around personal safety


Colouring pencils
Felt tip pens


Hand out packs and ask them to write their name on the front page.

Activity 1

- Fire safety in your house.

Activity 2
- Give the young people a picture of a room full of hazards from the attachment and ask them to circle the obstacles in the room.
-Discuss with the young people other causes of accidents in the home.

Activity 3
--Discuss how to make emergency calls with the young people.

Activity 4
-Discuss with the young people keeping their home safe.
-Ask them to write down anything they can think of to keep their home safe while on holiday.

Activity 5
-Discuss road and rail safety
-ask them to complete activities on Serco handout

Acivity 6
-Compile alist of emergency numbers including a discussion around Helplines

Activity 7
-explain the difference between an emergency when you call 999 and a non emergency situation.


  • 999
  • hazards
  • Home Safety

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