PL Training: Newspaper Activity

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Newspaper Activity
To convey the importance of PL and APL roles. How working as a team can dramatically impact the result and how much more can be achieved.
Credits: Louise Henderson, Scouts April/May 2012


Sheet of newspaper. Broadsheet would suit a larger number of participants.


Place sheet of newspaper on floor. Ask as may as possible to get on it. Rule: cannot help or hinder anyone else. Just look out for themselves. Note the number who manage it & start again.
This time ask them to work together. They should achieve at least double the number.

To continue this exercise where it can only succeed if everyone works together try the ring exercise:

Everyone puts one foot on the piece of paper (thay may need to turn sideways to do this).
They then hold hands or link wrists & gradually lean outwards.
They do this until their other foot is off the floor & are each held up by the person on either side of them.

They may be surprised how many more they get on the piece of paper using this method.

Discuss why they were so much more successful the second time round. Highlight how the best results occur when each member trusts the others and plays their part, without which the whole team may fail.


  • team building

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