PL Training - Blindfold Tent

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Blindfold Tent
To convey the importance of PL and APL roles. How working as a team can dramatically impact the result and how much more can be achieved.
Credits: Louise Henderson, Scouts April/May 2012


A patrol tent per person participating, blindfolds for each person


Each person tries to erect a tent blindfolded including the main guys in the right place.
The activity may need to be terminated after a reasonable period. Get each to see how they did.
Take down the tent and start again but this time with with one PL able to see and speak (but not touch anything).
Hopefully progress is better and once a reasonable point is reached allow them to stop and review what they have achieved.
Get them back into a cirecle again and get them to talk about why it was that things went better a second time. Hopefuly they should realise the blindfolded scouts represent the patrol and the sighted scout the patrol leader.
Without the patrol leader the patrol is a bit lost but one they have someone leading them, the situation changes and real progress can be made.


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