Bamboo Balloon Burst

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Burst a balloon by pioneering - attached 3 bamboo canes together with a lit candle on the end and use the heat to burst the balloon.


Balloon, tape, sting, bamboo canes (3 per group), candle, matches


Arrange Pack into their Sixes. There are balloons suspended from the ceiling 3 bamboo lengths away. One balloon for each six. There is a boundary delineated by chalk/tape 3 bamboo stick lengths away from the balloon past which the Cubs cannot themselves cross. Each Six has 3 bamboo sticks, sting, candle and match. Their challenge is to burst the balloon without themselves crossing the line. Ensure that the balloon is about 2.5 bamboo lengths MAXIMUM otherwise their sticks will not reach.


  • Outdoor Challenge
  • pioneering
  • team building

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