Climbing Safety and Environment

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A few pointers for discussions around the theoretical aspects of the climber activity badge





Always wear a helmet.
Krabs with screwgates must be done up - if they open up, they're about half as strong.
Check harnesses and knots
Use a long enough rope
Always pay attention
Use safe anchors
Climb safely - don't be stupid

Environmental impact:

Metal equipment may damage rocks
Sometimes equipment is left behind
Soil erosion, chalk accumulation, litter, abandoned bolts and ropes, human excrement, introduction of foreign plants through seeds on shoes and clothing and damage to native plant species, especially those growing in cracks and on ledges as these are often intentionally removed during new route development through a process commonly referred to as cleaning.
Disturbs wildlife - particularly nesting birds
Transmission of viruses (i.e. foot and mouth)


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