Game - Danish Netball

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An outside ball Game (from POL)


Ball, Ropes or cones to mark out the 'court'


Split the Pack into 2 teams
Divide the playing area up as shown in the upload.

One team stands in zone 2 with their catcher in zone 4, while the other team stands in zone 3 with their catcher in zone 1.
A leader stands in the middle and throws the ball up to begin.
The Cubs try and throw the ball over the heads of the opposing team to their catcher. The opposing team try to stop it reaching the catcher by jumping/intercepting.
If the catcher catches the ball cleanly from one of their own team the thrower joins the catcher.
Cubs must not stray outside their own zone unless transferring.
If the ball drops then the nearest person picks it up – as long as they don’t stray outside their own zone.
The winning team is the one that gets all its players in its end zone.


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