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A few annoying games to play round a campfire




Thanks to jimjam from escouts for these:

Leader says "I'm going on a picnic and I'm going to take..." - say something that begins with the first letter of their name. Next person in the circle tries, they have to say an item that begins with the first letter of their name. Leader says yes you can or no you can't come on my picnic

Leader says "I was on a hike and I came to a bridge. I was allowed to cross the bridge because I was wearing..." - say something that the people either side of you in the circle are wearing. Then the next person goes and the leaders says yes you can cross or no you can't. this one works better in the daytime so you can see what people are wearing!

Crossed or uncrossed
Pass a pair of scissors around the circle. You can pass the either crossed or uncrossed. It all depends whether you have your legs crossed or not. To confuse people change whether the scissors are open or closed, swap hands etc. Leader says whether others have done it right or wrong

Number sticks
with sticks or matches make random patterns and say this is a one, a five, an eight etc. The pattern, of course, has no relevance, it all depends on the number of fingers resting on the table

Face of the moon
with your finger, draw a face and say " the moon is round, it has two eyes a nose and a mouth". However, cough before you do it. People have to copy you and have to realise the cough is part of it

Bonny Bonny
This one is quite hard to explain! Hold out your left hand with the thumb on the right hand side. With your right index finger tough each finger on your left hand (left to right) and say "bonny" (so you say bonny 4 times). Then slide your finger down the L shape made by your left index finger and thumb and say "whoops" then touch your thumb and say "bonny". Slide back up the L, saying whoops again, then touch each finger (right to left) saying bonny. So it goes: bonny, bonny, bonny, bonny, whoops, bonny whoops, bonny, bonny, bonny, bonny. However, at the end do something casual like put your hands in your pockets or cross your arms. People have to copy you and realise the crossing of arms is part of it

The scout troop I help at sometimes like to do riddles at the fire, and usually the scouts have some of their own. The only one I can really remember is (no logic in it at all): A man is kidnapped and put in a room with no doors and windows. There is only a mirror and a plank of wood. How does he get out and escape.

He look in the mirror to see what he saw, he uses the saw to cut the wood in half. Two halves make a whole. He gets out through the hole. When outside he shouts until his throat is hoarse and he then gallops away on the horse!

All I want is (for birthday/christmas/whatever)
I would say "all I want is an elephant and a jumper" - that would be ok. It goes to the next person who says two things - each thing has to start with their initials of their name.


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