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One Scout is the 'Guardian'. Their job is to protect the pillars of energy from incoming meteors.


Tennis balls or Nerf football or other kind of balls.
5 or 6 empty plastic pop bottles/skittles


Draw a circle about 20 to 30 feet in diameter and have all Scouts outside the circle.
The Guardian stands in the center of the circle. He sets up his pillars in a circle around himself.
Give one Scout a ball. They try to throw it and knock down a pillar. The Guardian protects the pillars by catching the ball or knocking it away.
Whoever knocks down a pillar gets a point per pillar. The Guardian gets a point for every pillar left standing after 2 minutes (adjust the time as needed).
When the Guardian stops the ball, he rolls it back out to the circle of players immediately.
Players can not come inside the circle.
VARIATION - Add more balls if Guardians finds game too easy or more guardians if you have a large number of Scouts


  • ball game
  • circle game
  • skittles

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