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Long Ball

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longball is a game involving two teams of 7 there is a batting and fielding team (like cricket).


a bat (cricket bat) and a ball (footballsized tennis ball) two marker cones.


Split pack in to two teams - one batting one fielding.

Those batting have to run between two ‘areas’ marked my two posts for each ‘area’ once they hit the ball (you can use the three strikes system like in baseball as well with this) they then must run from behind the first area to the second area this will gain them one point but if they can then make it back they get two points. If they stop after running to the first area they must run back as the next batter runs to the first area and both are at risk of getting out but they don’t get two points if they stopped ! Whilst they do this the fielding team must be trying to get the ball.

There are then two options either the fielding team must get the ball to the bowler or hit the runner with the ball. If one of these is achieved and the batting cub is not in one of the safe ‘areas’ then they are out! The teams then swap once everyone on a team is out .If cubs don’t get out on a run they go to the back of the line and go again! The winning team is the one with the most points at the end.


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