Long Ball

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longball is a game involving two teams there is a batting and fielding team (like cricket).


a bat (cricket bat/tennis racket)
a ball (football or football sized tennis ball or similar)
Four marker cones/posts.
(optional - 2 lengths of rope/tape)


Split group in to two teams - one batting one fielding.

Mark out a square/rectangle with the cones/posts. One end is the batting area (optionally use the rope, between the cones/posts, to mark a batting line), the other end is a 'safe' area (again optionally use rope to mark the safety line). The area inside the square/rectangle, between the batting line and the safe line, is the 'danger' area.

(a bowler, typically bowling the football underarm, stands at a suitable place in front of the batter in the 'danger area')

Those batting stand behind the batting line and have to run (through the danger area) to the safe area, after they hit the ball (you can use the three strikes system like in baseball as well with this).
If they are hit with the ball whilst they are running through the danger area then they are out (or they can be caught out, from when they batted, as in cricket).

If they make it to the safe area (without being hit) they score a point, if they make it there and back to the batting line (without being hit) they get two points. If they stop (in the safe area) after running, they must run back (to the batting area) on the next go whilst the next batter runs to the safe area and both are at risk of getting out! (they don't get a second point if they stopped in between goes)

If the batter makes it back without being hit with the ball, then they join the back of the batting queue.

When all the batting team are out then swap over and the team with the most points wins.

- The fielding team can also get the ball back to the bowler whilst a runner is in the danger area in order to get them out
- Have a 'waiting area' next to the batting area, after a batter has batted they can either attempt to run to the safe area, or instead just go to the waiting area. Anybody in the waiting area can then run on any batters turn, but you have to make it to the safe area and back before you can bat again. Any number of players can wait in the 'waiting area' and/or the 'safe area' but if the team don't have any batters left to bat in the batting area then the team is out and you swap over.
- Fielders can't run with the ball, so they have to throw it to a team mate (or try and throw it at a runner from where they are)
- the ball must hit the ground, at least once, within the danger are in order for the batter to run



  • Danish longball
  • Dutch long ball

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