Dough Twists

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Making dough twists from scratch and cooking over an open fire


Campfire - reduced to cooking embers
Supply of fresh green sticks/live branches

500g Self-Raising Flour
3 Tablespoons sugar
300-500ml water
Jam/spreads (optional)

Mixing Bowl
Measuring Jug


1. Mix the dry ingredients together in the bowl
2. Add about half the water and mix as well as you can. It'll start to bind together. Keep adding small amounts of water until it binds to one large lump. Keep working it, almost kneeding, as you would normal bread until it becomes a smooth dough.
3. Cut some sticks to cook on that are of a decent thickness (about 1cm)
4. Twist the dough onto the stick. Take a lump that will fit easily into your hand. Starting at the top, twist the dough around the stick several times, creating a spiral down the stick. Leave gaps between the strands of dough to give it space to expand. If you dont twist it, it may well fall off the stick.
5. Cook over the embers of the fire. Using flames will result in soot covered raw dough. Cook until the dough is no longer rubbery.
6. Enjoy with Jam or other spreads.


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