Helium Stick

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Team building activity


Bamboo cane or similar


Have the group of 8-12 divide into two lines and face each other.

Explain the technical rules to the group (very important): everyone's index fingers MUST remain in contact with the stick at all times, and the stick must rest on top of their fingers at all times (no grabbing, finger curling, etc.)

Have the group extend their index fingers at waist level.

Lay the stick across the group's fingers.

At that time, the group must work together to lower the stick to the ground.

Inevitably, the stick rises almost instantly - causing laughter, frustration, or confusion. The rise is caused by the small ripples of upward pressure as individuals each try to remain in contact with the stick.

After refocusing, the group will be able to lower the stick.

Extend the activity for Scouts and Explorers to develop leadership skills.

Identify one group member as leader.
Seperate them from the group and brief them on the task as described above.
When they return to the group they must organise the task. Reset the task if they fail to follow the brief.
At the end of the activity debrief the group.
Starting with the leader ask what they did well, what they could do better etc.
Move onto the rest of the group asking for a a feedback sandwich (positive, negative, positive)
Focus on the four C's Command & Control, Communication & Concentration


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