Backwoods Cooking ideas

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* Toasted marshmallows The easy option.

* 'Smores Marshmallows sandwiched in between chocolate digestives.

* Campfire nachos Nachos sprinkled with cheese cooked in tin foil.

* Sausages Wrap sausages in tin foil and cook in embers.

* Kebabs Make up a kebab with chunks of meat and veg, wrap in tin foil.

* Garlic bread . Pre-sliced french bread with garlic butter, wrapped in tin foil.

* Chocolate bananas Keep skin on. Cut lengthways at 60% depth. Insert chocolate (Rolos or Cadbury’s caramel chunks are great). Wrap whole banana in tin foil and cook in embers.

*Sweet apple slices Slice an apple into quarters, roast each bit on a stick, once cooked dip in sugar.

* Dampers. Make a dough using butter, flour, salt, sugar and a little milk. Needs to be thick/sticky. Store in a tub - on the night wrap around a stick and cook.

* Choc Orange Cake. Slice orange in half, scoop out centre. Fill with pre-made chocolate cake mix. Wrap in tin foil and cook in embers.

*Popcorn - you will need 2 sieve, 2 broom sticks and wire. Search on activities for more info.


Tin foil, food of your choice. Firelighting stuff.


(without pots & pans)


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