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A set of problem-solving tasks




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I suggest starting with the "Thinking Test" to set the mood!

Brief description of each:
Water collection - creative thinking to work together to reach further
Thinking test - entertaining exercise to demonstrate importance of reading the instructions
One hundred pound game - using teamwork/planning to win more
Great escape - without touching the ground, create a route, and then fill up a tube with water to float the object out
Noah's ark - everyone blindfolded and given an animal, they have to pair up with their matching animal (so you need 2 dogs, 2 cats)
Minefield drop zone - retrieve a container from the middle of an out of bounds area using a rope
Lightly spoken - pass a message around corners without moving
Island survivors - prioritisation exercise
Food chain - fox/chicken crossing a river exercise
Bye Bye Bambi - teamwork to get to an area off the ground using chairs, then passing water back without spilling it
Army command tasks - large set of army-related tasks - not quite so feasible for scouts

Notes for the patrol leader:
1. Listen to the brief, take notes if allowed or needed
2. Ask any questions that pop into your head or if you want to clarify something.
3. Examine the equipment, think of possible solution.
4. Ask team for ideas on how to complete and use best idea. Ask confirming questions (i.e. how long do we have for the task). Appoint people to tasks (2 i/c, time keeper etc)
5. Implement your plan, as a leader your job is control, do not try and lift every plank or tie every knot.
6. Continue to assess your situation. Think of how to improve. If someone is stepping out of line correct them.
7. Praise team members if it's going well, by name.
8. If it all goes wrong ask for ideas how to improve it.


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