Sweet Rescue

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The scouts have to burn through string to rescue the sweets being held against their will


thin String or wool
bamboo poles
cooking billy
2 chairs per team
hook / ring / beam in roof (if outside tree branch)
lashing line
Knife / scissors
leader with fire extinguisher


How to set up

On one side of the hall place the 2 chairs 2 meters apart
Using the thin string tie one end to one chair
The string then goes under the other chair then up to ring in the roof and down to billy suspended about 2 meters from the round
Fill the billy with sweets
Using the bamboo sticks measure a distance more than 2 sticks from chairs and mark a line on the other side of hall (no pass line)
Place 4 bamboo sticks, lashing line, candle, matches & knife/scissors on the outside of the no pass line

Instructions for scouts

All of your patrols sweets have been captured by the evil leaders
In order for you to rescue them you will have to use only the equipment provided
When you burn through the thin string between the chairs and the billy falls and hits the floor you can then cross the no pass line and share and eat the sweets
If any part of any scout crosses the no pass line then the evil leaders can remove one sweet from the patrols billy and eat it in front of the patrol

Perfect Solution

The scouts tie the bamboo sticks together using sheer lashings
The scouts then square lash the candle to the end of the bamboo stick
Light the candle and very carefully ease it out to the thin string being very careful not to cross the no pass line
By holding the candle under the thin string it will burn through quickly
When the billy falls the scouts pull the candle back and blow it out (never seen this happen they tend to drop it and run for the sweets)


  • fire
  • knots and lashings
  • leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Sweets
  • Team challenges
  • teamwork

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