Leaky Bucket

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A racing game with water


Cups with holes in them
Measuring stick


At one end of the playing area place some empty buckets. - Line your teams up one opposite each bucket. Next to the front of each team place a bucket full of water. - Give each team a number of plastic cups (but not enough for one each) with holes in them. - The Cubs have 2 minutes to talk about the best way to carry the water using the cups from one bucket to another. They may decide to race in turns trying to cover the holes with their fingers or they could form a chain and pass the cups quickly from one to another. After 2 minutes shout go and let them try to transfer the water from full to empty bucket using only the leaking cups At the end of the game measure the water in each bucket (put a stick in the bucket and mark where the water reaches) and declare the winners.

After the game explain the following and discuss how the young people feel about water
- Five litres would be enough for two to three people to drink for just one day
- Five litres is the minimum amount of water used during a non power shower, a bath uses 80 litres
- 100% of UK citizens have access to clean drinking water, in India the figure is 54%
- Explain about saving water - doing things such as turning off the tap when you clean your teeth, showering instead of bathing, using a rain barrel to water the garden etc.

Taken from Scouting Programmes online


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