Facebook Tracking

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A modern version of tracking


Cards (business card sized), Mobile phones (smart phone with Facebook app)


Note: You will need to set up a Facebook group for your Explorer/Scouts.

A runner sets off half-an-hour before the tracking teams.

The runner takes photos of local reference points. I.E. church gate. The runner post this to the group Facebook page, with a clue. The runner also leaves a calling card.

The teams then try to identify the place from the photo and clue and then track the runner.

When they find the spot, they find the calling card if the runners has left the spot. (if more than one tracking team, first team signs card and replaces for next team). The last team removes the card. The team must post a photo of them at the location with calling card (this will give the other teams a further clue if not found).

Each team must visit each location to be able to catch the runner.

The object of the game is to catch the runner by finding each location.


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